Hustle Diaries Interview With Kathy Walsh: Author Of ’30 Days To A Mindful Home’

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I was completely captured by Kathy Walsh’s quest for a mindfulness after learning about her book – “30 Days to a Mindful Home”. After all, I am a mom of three who works from home and practically lives in chaos. It was almost as if this book had FOUND me in my darkest hour.

My partner and I were lucky enough to sit down with the author and ask her a few questions about her journey and dug deeper behind the concepts that helped mold her philosophies.

Of course, we started with the basis — what made Kathy write this book?

I wrote 30 Days to a Mindful Home to give parents the tools to help make their homes and families more peaceful. Just like any diet or exercise plan, it takes thirty days to make something a habit. Each day gives parents one mindfulness tool that they can use that day. As I know how busy parents can be I made them simple, easy and quick. My goal is that at the end of the thirty days’ parents can take three mindfulness tips that resonate with them and use those for several years to come. Consistency is key and three simple mindful techniques used consistently works really well. With my two daughters I always did the gratitude journals, meditation at night and positive music playing around the house pretty much daily for most of their childhood. I can see now that they are adults it did make a difference.

Then we wanted to have Kathy define a “mindful home” in her own terms.

Let me first say that a mindful home is not perfect by any means. Having a mindful home is having a positive look on life. It is realizing that peace is an inside job, nothing external can bring that to you. It often includes being conscious on how we set an intention for the home. In this home…we are compassionate towards animals, respect the earth and take time to breathe and listen to our hearts. In a mindful home we look at life through the eyes of love.

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Nowadays, families live in a constant state of chaos! What does Kathy feel is the number one thing we are all missing out on ???

I think families these days are trying their best to make their lives peaceful. What I see most is that they are out of balance a bit. Technology is amazing, I use it every day. When I see families out to dinner in New York City I feel sad that they are all on their phones through the entire meal. Dinner time is a great time to sit over a meal and discuss their child’s day or week and what they are feeling. It is also a great time to show appreciation for the food we eat and enjoy the time spent together. So in the end, I think the hardest thing for parents to accomplish is balancing technology with conversations, walks in nature and enjoying the moment they are in.

Kathy speaks a bit about an “intentions board”. I wanted her to elaborate.

Intention is a force that sets everything in motion. How often do we think about and write down our intention for raising our children? What could be more important? When you are clear about your intention for raising your children other decisions become easier to make. For example, my intention was that my children always listen to their own hearts and let their intuition guide them. So I had to listen to them when they spoke and act based on what their hearts were telling them. You will be surprised when you write your intention down for raising your child how clear your parenting style becomes.

And finally, as a working mom who hustles to get a lot done, what are Kathy’s top three tips to accomplishing a balanced life?

For the busy mom, and who aren’t these days, I would suggest these three mindful things to add to their day. The first is taking time at bedtime to write in a gratitude journal with your kids or to say three things they were grateful for that day. This allows them to go to sleep with a grateful heart. Next is put on meditation music or guided meditation at bedtime. All of you lie down together, breathe, unwind and let your mind and body relax before going to bed. Third, it’s a bit hard to pick but I feel that putting a playlist of happy songs on in the morning as everyone is getting ready to go about their day sets a positive time for the entire day. For extra credit say something positive to them! I love the way your hair curls, it’s going to be a great day, isn’t the weather beautiful, aren’t we so blessed! It’s so easy and your kids will be singing these songs and hearing your message in their head throughout the day. This will help them to be the bright and shining star that they are.

What a great conversation! Be sure to pick up Kathy’s book, 30 Days to a Mindful Home, today!